Why You Should Do Your Own Push Ups

I Do My Own Push Ups Baby!
I Do My Own Push Ups Baby!

No one can do your push – ups for you

I have this quote pasted right at the left top corner of my work desk. Mystery surrounds the identity of the person who pasted it there. (My guess will have to be one of those business development managers , who will always be trying to motivate us , the sales reps)

There is wisdom in this quote though.

Earlier this month , I had posted up a proposal for a work to be done by freelancers on Guru.com. A friend of mine had suggested that I do so , after I had expressed interest in publishing a small workbook on the topic of personal financial management. I had always wanted to have a reference material to be used in my workshops and seminars. However, procrastination just meant that I never did get around it.

And so I did. I posted up a project proposal , with a budget of $250 in mind. Soon enough , my post received seven bidding within the space of two days. (I guess my proposal was simple enough to be executed) As I rummaged through the details of each bid , and looking at the profiles of the individuals posting up the proposal , I began to feel queasy.

I came to the realization that I am not part of the intellectual process , of making the publication. Being the perfectionist that I am , I knew that if I eventually accepted any bid , and had the book done up , I will not be satisfied by the quality of contents I intended to have.

Thus I scrapped the idea , and started writing the book on my own.

The wisdom of the quote I mentioned above is this. Nothing can substitute originality. Yes , you might get things done , have a contract stipulating that you owned the intellectual copyrights and have your name pasted on. No one will know. You will perhaps get that rounds of accolades.

But deep within that inner sanctum of consciousness , you will always feel queasy , knowing that the work is not entirely yours.

Getting towards that destination of becoming better is like that. You have to own it. You have to claim it. Then will you feel the satisfaction of reaping its rewards. You can never get those bulging biceps if someone else is doing that repetitions of push ups. So yeah , do it. Start on it. Even if the end products sucks. At least you can claim , that you worked on it.

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