How To Deal With Pretentious People In 5 Easy Steps

Don't Pretend
Don’t Pretend

This might be the dumbest post I attempt to write, but I guess when I read this post again in eons to come, this might just be an insightful piece of blog post I could have ever written. The inspiration behind this post is very simple. I’m beginning to see how this “pretentious” “bug is beginning to bite a lot of people especially, with the aid of social media coming into play. It seems that this personality trait seems to rear its ugly head in all forms these days.

Besides the irony might be that I am pretentious at times, and people may not know how to deal with me. Heh. Anyway, if what the online dictionaries are saying is true, then “pretentious” is something, no child should aspire to acquire. It is not necessary an evil that will besiege your legacy. It is just an amplified, exaggerated take on the saying,”Fake it till you make it“. Some people seem to wanna take this saying light years away, by really living it up and wanting to spread the “goodness of pretending” too far. Anyway, here’s just a quick how-to-guide for you if you do have this people lumbering up to you. It’s tried, tested and definitely twisted. But I’m a happier person.

Ignore At All Costs

– Most pretentious people have this innate desire to actually be at the forefront of anything revolutionary. In fact, they are so future minded thinkers, that they sometimes forget that the word reality actually exists. This selected few, will wanna update you on the shenanigans and rumblings of their life to you in whatever manner possible. They are probably the sort who posts status updates on Facebook and wait eagerly for a minute by minute update to see if comments or likes are posted. Their rather screwed up view of their world will probably entail them to give names or characters to the people around them, as if they are living in a drama of some sort. I have found that the most primitive of reactions when it comes to dealing with them, is ignorance. Pretentious people thrive on attention. You take away the stamp of validation from your responses, and they are as good as dead.

Acknowledge The Results, Not The Efforts

-Pretentious people have one common and rather universal word they like to use. “BUSY” They can be holding the lowest office position, yet they always seem to have the busiest of schedule, the toughest of job assignments and the most testing of challenges. It is in such narration, that they will wanna share with you some virtues and traits that they always seem to possess in abundance. You will almost always hear about how they had to think through certain things with depth, execute quests as wayward as slaying a dragon and perhaps, even be as awkward as having to do something they are forced to. The key ingredient here is that, pretentious people want to be seen and heard doing things. They do not like to be known as aloof or devoid of objectives. They wanna be known as always being in action. The problem however, is that most of the times, that is as far as they’ll get. Completing or achieving a semblance of succes is usually not the case. The only way you can cut them down is by asking, what was the final outcome from all that “busy-ness “.

Act Dumb,Be Dumb and Stay Dumb

-They love it when you respond enthusiastically to them. To pretentious people, acknowledgement of any form, is validation. Even the slightest change in your facial expression will indicate something positive for them. For pretentious people,they are highly overdosed on “the glass half full” mentality. If you smile when they animatedly tell you about their work, it means you validate their “busy-ness”. If you frown when they relate about their bosses, it means, that you care alot for them. Pretentious people always have a better story to top yours. If you say, you have a million dollar insurance coverage, then they will have a million dollar stashed underneath their pillow. If you say, you seeked help from God, they’ll tell you they can email God. Pretentious people thrive on responses. So, don’t give them one.

Have Your Own Life

– Simply put, pretentious people just hate it when you have a life of your own. Especially if they feel that you are enjoying yours, genuinely. Pretentious people have a tiresome job of always having to blow up and inflate their castles. They are not always contented with the level and lifestyle they are leading. But, admitting so will just be a slap on their cheeks. Thus, they have to always create that superficial lifestyle, in which they always seem to have a life worth emulating. They will seek out acquaintances who lead a less interesting lifestyle than them as a feeder for validation. The moment they detect that you have such an engaging life to live out, they’ll disappear from the horizon. Have your own life. And enjoy it.

Look At The Elephant, Not Its Feet

– Pretentious people have an issue with associations. Their powers of relations are screwed up. They always seem to see a better, holier, more justified and worthy version of themselves.This is their manner of coping with inadequacies in certain facets of their lives and personalities. There are pretentious people who force themselves to live out an alternative version of themselves, as a manner by which they can assimilate themselves within a structure or a unit of conformity, It is this instances of differences that sometimes forces them to actually wanna live out a larger than life personification of themselves. What you can actually do to cope with such pretentious individuals is to accept that there is a larger facet of themselves that you need to observe and understand. When you see and know the elephant, you will not judge the size of its feet and be fearful or intimidated by it. When you understand that the act of being pretentious actually masks a totally complex psychological need for approval and validation, then you are more confident at dealing with such people. You will come to realize that the gap, the pretentious people always wanna make you feel, is actually within them, growing.

So there you have it. A raw  and totally uncensored take on how I sometimes relate to all things pretentious.A bit of pretense is vital. Too much of it is just obnoxious.

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