5 Reasons To Understand Why You Should Not Forget The Past Too Quickly

Look Into The Past
Look Into The Past

I woke up from such a random dream, that definitely left me emotionally charged, with a plethora of feelings. As I walked to the train station, on the way to work, I asked myself the proverbial question,”Why?”. These are probably the reasons I can think of.

1. Certain Individuals Are Just Meant To Stick

Yes, you are perhaps married, engaged, attached or just plain walking around with no definitive status. Yet, there is this niggling name to a face that keeps cropping up in that dark corners of your memory. Some individuals do that. They leave such an impact in a manner of impression on you, that forgetting them just seem so damn hard. These individuals are meant to stick. No matter how old you get. Cause they probably manage to arouse a primal and raw emotion in you. They probably bring out the best or worst facet in you. They could also have provided the greatest source of inspiration and motivation or fear and suppression. Understanding and recognizing their influential scope on you makes for better interpretation. You’ll then realize the kinda personalities you need to have or not in your life, to propel you forward. If you dismiss this individuals too fast, as just another random person crossing your path, you might just lose the whole significance of why he/she even walked into your life.

2. You Have To Know Where You Come From

Most people are quick on reciting the “Let’s move forward” mantra, in an effort to soothe whatever conflicts they may be facing. But the question you should be asking is,”Where am I now?” to even try and chart a move forward. Most people are swift in drawing out a conclusion to their predicament, by passing a premature judgement call. As the Cheshire Cat in Alice’s Wonderland adventures mentioned,”Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” when Alice said she really does not care where to go. If you move forward, without a starting position, it’s as good as getting nowhere. Embrace your past, as a benchmark, from where you can move.

3. The Past Provides Lessons

If you had fallen in love early in your life with that special dream person and found that love unrequited, it does not indicate that your attempts at trying in the future will fall flat again. The key here is that, that span of time, intermittent between the past and the future, provides conclusive statements and lessons for you to learn from. The you, version past, is definitely not equal, to the you, version present. Cause along those lines of passing time, experiences will have widen your wisdom. Understanding these small unnoticed aspect is crucial in the areas of self improvement. If you can avoid the things that failed in your past, and work on the ones that worked, you are perhaps a step away from eventual success.

4. Your Past Is Your Unique Barcode

Let’s face it. If you die today, your benchmark by which people will judge you, will be by the efforts you had put forth yesterday. People look too much into their future, that they set too lofty an ambition and ideal. The significance of such goals dwindles when it is unfulfilled. You will not be judged by your intentions for future times You’ll be accounted for your past actions which is indicative of your success in life. This is crucially your Life’s DNA. Branding. Look into doing things today, with that awareness, that it’ll be the past tomorrow. Once you understand this, it becomes easier for you to weigh things in a more proper defined manner.

5. The Past Is Your Secret Vault For Future References

Most of the things by which you are succeeding in life now, owes much credit to your past. Like it or not, the stability of your relationships with those around you, is directly related to the success rate of those types of relationships in the past. You and I are creatures of adaptability. We understand clearly by manner of inferring, just the right words to say and right things to do, when faced with the same exact situation in two time-different setting. In the past you, may have failed in that same scenario. Yet when the same experience presents itself in the future, you are more than equipped to handle it.  Like a secret treasure chest, the past can be trawled for references and insights, which you can utilize for a more credible presentation. Passive reflections on this things, will just render you unsatisfied with the level  of achievements. Like a well guarded haven for lessons, your past may not actually equal to your immediate performance level. But with a bit of tuning, your past might just be that dynamo, needed to spark that age of Renaissance in your life.

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