3 Things That Define The Man Of Steel In All Of Us

When Fearlessness Is Your Creed
When Fearlessness Is Your Creed

I watched the movie “Man Of Steel” the other day and found it to be captivating. It was exactly what I had always wanted, in the portrayal of this iconic superhero. It was raw,dramatic and definitely awe inspiring. The fact that the essence of the movie centered movie revolved around Superman’s path of self discovery, made the two hour journey, so awesome.

Man Of Steel made me think. What made Superman…Superman? And these insights, derived from my personal perspectives, was what I gathered.

1.The Awesome Figures Of Mentor-ship

There was no denying that Superman would not have been half the man he was, if he did not have the inspirational guidance of his earthly and alien father figures. Jor El and Jonathan Kent, were the fulcrums by which Superman rested upon in his quest for self identity. Jor El provided Superman with the constant reassurances of that potential greatness in him, while Jonathan balanced it out with the needed humility and regards to the need of a purpose in utilizing that greatness. It was just awesome, having two fathers who provided two extremes of how power and greatness can be harnessed for the greater good. In my opinion, having mentor-ship is crucial in any venture or journey of self discovery.

#Get Great Gurus

2.Always Be Questioning

Superman’s desire to know his origins, purpose and reasons, filled the theme of the movie. Which was great! Cause that made him wiser to the very nature of life. Tribulations always come in bucket loads before an answer is given. Such was the beautiful realization. To know that Superman, had to withstand the trials of being anonymous, a faceless individual in a world he had to grow up in. His immense drive to know what his purpose was, led to the chain of events that culminated into the climatic affair of saving the world.

#Seek Answers


The classic scene, in which Superman confessed to the town’s priest, about his dilemma, defined this principle. The priest’s words,”Sometimes, you have to take the leap of faith. The trust part will come later” was simply inspiring. Not just because of its visual imagery, but also for the significant theme of belief in the movie. It was Lois Lane’s belief in Superman, that made her keep his identity a secret, momentarily at least. It was Martha Kent’s belief in Superman, that provided Superman with the pillar of support in his growing year. It was the generals’ belief in Superman, that allowed Superman the much needed encouragement to battle his Kryptonian nemesis.In short, it was the belief, placed onto Superman by his loved ones, that paved the way for his eventual triumph over all odds. And in a reversal of theme, it was also Superman’s belief in the goodness and potential of his human brethren, that eventually became the catalyst for him to forge his destiny/

#Believe In Something

These three elements are not the definitive aspects of the movie of course. But I loved the way it was skilfully intertwined, to make it such an epic movie. Cause “Man Of Steel” kinda portrayed something true.

There is always a superhero deep within each of us.

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