3 Quick Ways To Get Things Done Eventually


Do you ever find yourself in that eternal loop, where you know you have to get some things done, but never actually did find the time or energy to start?  Well, it’s not exactly a new age sin to procrastinate, but it is certainly a main reason as to why we might not be accomplishing the things that we should. So what can we do actually?

1. Tie Your Task With A Reward Or Punishment

In the words of the guru himself, Anthony Robbins, people usually do things based on two factors. The pursue of pleasure of the avoidance of pain. I find this practically useful, as it specifically highlights the inner drive for most of us when it comes to accomplishing things or just about doing anything.

It may be as simple as treating yourself to a great scoop of ice cream or an hour of massage, after  getting your paperwork done. Or perhaps mentally telling yourself that you will have to spend your Saturdays in office if you do not meet your deadlines. Bottom line is, you are more likely to do things when you know what it is that drives you. It’s either pleasure or pain.

2. Don’t Tell People. Tell Yourself

That old adage where you are told to announce to people your goals, may work on some. For most, it may just be counterproductive. Reason being is that, most of us are probably more comfortable disappointing those that we have made commitments to. It is just a psychological flip switch that occasionally says, “It’s all right. They knew that you will not do it or achieve it anyway.” Yups, it is a serial excuse.

However, making that commitment to yourself may be the single most decisive thing you can do, to ensure that you do not procrastinate the tasks you are required to do. A task, commitment or goal that is reinforced personally by you to yourself, which involves a certain degree of emotions, will almost get you to be more proactive and willing. Still remember that wedding managed to pull off? Did you ever procrastinate in its planning or execution? You eventually managed to complete your share of duties right? Yeah, it works basically on that premise. You probably did not want to disappoint yourself. So go ahead, commit yourself to those tasks. There is no need to blast it out in Twitterverse!

3. Just Do It

NIKE may have patented and made this slogan its copyright. But that should not stop you from adopting it as a personal credo. I have forgot the number of times, I just dread the doing the tasks ahead. Yet somehow, when you just do it,  the process will eventually take over. That is what doing is all about. Letting the process get initiated.

Still dwelling on that blog post? Just type a sentence. Still dwelling on that 2 kilometer jog? Just put you shoes on and head downstairs. Still dwelling on that prospect? Just send him a text. The point is, a certain degree of action will create a series of motion which will get you an inch forward. Nobody ever conquered a mountain climb, by standing at the foot of the mountain, and staring at his feet. You just gotta move your first foot. In a forward direction of course.

In summary guys, nobody ever said that you can kill off procrastination. Manage it though.

If you find these steps a bit simplistic, that’s because you are not not doing it. Yet.

Heh. 🙂

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