3 Essential Creeds For Survival When You Are Attacked By The Negative Zombies

Photo Courtesy of http://thenypost.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/zombies-feature.jpg
Keeping The Negative Zombies Out Photo Courtesy of http://thenypost.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/zombies-feature.jpg

The year  has just started. You had pinned your goals, nicely on your wall. You had prepared your schedules. You had also signed up for a gym membership. In short, you are prepared to make this year, awesome.

But a message came on your Whatsapp,

“Are you sure that gym membership will be fully utilized?“said a pal.

Another pal, gave a grinning emoticon on your Facebook status, when you mentioned that you are planning your week.

Another friend just laughed out loud when you said you had your goals written down.

Your awesome year just got deflated.

Goalless Zombies Are Everywhere

Ever heard about good energy being infectious? Well, so is bad and negative energy. And goalless zombies, will want to sink their teeth in you with those bad parasitic viruses. While you may want to  look at your world from the perspectives of being in Eden, be aware that energy sapping zombies are aplenty. Just like a bad week of The Walking Dead, these zombies sometimes come in the form of your closest friends, loved ones or perhaps your social weekend football mates. Of course, being the good guy or gal that you are, you probably do not have that much desire in you to just chop off their heads. You may run, but yeah, they’ll still try to lumber up to you.

Which begs the question. “What can I do then?”

Creed #1 : Keep Your Circle Small

If you are an avid zombie fan like me, you will know this as an absolute truth. The smaller the circle of survivors/fighters tagged to you, the chances of survival or reaching your destinations get higher. It’s not exactly rocket science. It’s just that, being in a small clan heightens your awareness and makes you quicker in reacting to any possible attacks,

The whole idea of carefully selecting your social circle and making it small but robust, is to ensure that you get the best psychological support you need in reaching your goals. In all likelihood, a smaller clan has the same objectives as you have and therefore ensuring that you can stay clear of unnecessary gripes, whines and skepticism of a larger group.

Besides,  a smaller group is easier to manage, if you are a leader.

Keep your fellowship to an optimal few. You do not need twenty whiners around you no matter how gorgeous they are. You just need another winner, like yourself.

Creed #2 : Be On The Move

Hard fact. If you move too slow, the zombies will catch up to you and seek to infect you with their negativity.  Worse case scenario is if you decide to stop and stay put. Believe me when I say that these zombies will eat you guts from the inside out. Okay, I am exaggerating. But you get me, don’t you?

To survive in any adventures, you will always have to move. Motion creates action and vice versa. No matter how slow your pace is, or how little progress in distance  you make, you just have to believe that moving forward is the way to go.

Yeah, you can stop for awhile at times, to reflect and back track. But, you still must move after that. Keep your resting moments brief but meaningful.

To move, is to stay alive. Said all zombie survivors.

Creed #3 : Have The Strong Will To Survive

This might be the most important aspect of survival. A strong will.

You can have a small group that is always moving with you, but if you do not have that intense belief and willingness to survive, all is meaningless.

Often than not, the mere thought of negative zombies lumbering up to you is enough for you to be fatalistic about your chances. It is sometimes easier to just succumb to that desire of being infected and just blending in with the horde of lifeless zombies around.

But life, should never work that way for you. We are instinctively designed to survive. That is our mental engineering. If self doubting zombies begin creeping up to you, the grit to kick their teeth out should be a foremost priority.

Pretty much of Life’s successes depend on your will. To survive and thrive.

The stronger the will, the longer you’ll be in the game.


“Use your head; cut off theirs.”
Max Brooks, The Zombie Survival Guide

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