Why Imagination Is The Key To Fulfillment

Your Imagination Is Your Preview Of Life's Coming Attractions

My daughter just came beside me a while ago, and in her hands was a small bowl filled with purple balls of Playdoh clay. As she gently placed the bowl on my desk, she looked at me with a gleam of excitement, she broke out into her favorite jingle…”Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…”

I gamely smiled back at her. Taking a pen off from my table, I placed it right into one of the balls. She nudged me and I understood immediately what she wanted me to do. Blowing softly at the pencil, she clapped happily, acknowledging the fact that I had just blown out a birthday cake candle.

Then she took the bowl of “cakes” and walked out. Satisfied and fulfilled, that her Dad had just recognized her “birthday cake”.

We Do Not Have Time To Imagine?

When was the last time, you actually closed your eyes, slouched on your sofa, feeling all relaxed and started imagining?  My guess is. A long time ago.

Our working hours do not allow us to willfully allocate enough time, for us to explore our own minds, for pictorial experiences to indulge in. You probably wake up late enough to get dressed to work. Reaching your office just in time to start work. You have to steal time to grab your coffee and toilet breaks. You conform to an hour’s worth of lunch time. You leave late enough from office to reach home to be early enough to go to sleep. So when can you find time to indulge in some imagination, you ask. I suggest, you make time.

Imagination Is The Conduit To The Better Version Of Yourselves

When you were a child, you were often asked in elementary school, “What will you be when you grow up, child?” Adults loved to ask us back then. And naturally, we usually give answers that seemed far fetched, in relation to the level of exposure we were then back then in terms of knowledge and experience. You will probably still remember that girl who wanted to be a lawyer. Or that boy who wanted to be a doctor.

In essence, we had always imagined/envisioned ourselves in a better form or version. In fact, it will not be a lie to say that some children wanted to be superheroes. (I wanted to be Batman)

Imagination taps onto an Infinite reservoir of possibilities, and that is why it will always be the key to any forms of fulfillment. The rich philanthropist you know now, had imagined himself being one years back, before he became one. The powerful soccer player you idolize now, had imagined himself playing in front of millions years back, before he eventually did.

Imagination Is The Clothes On Your Thoughts

Everyone has thoughts about being successful, wealthy, desirable, married and happy. Yet, you will realize that not everyone manages to achieve those thoughts in their lifetime. This is why imagination is crucial to your progress towards fulfillment. Cause only your imagination is able to add colors, sounds, movements, emotions and sensations to those thoughts. And when this is done, your thoughts become reinforced with a layer of vibrations, that is easily tuned to the vibrational frequencies of Infinite possibilities. And when it matches, that is when it forms tangibly onto your reality.

Imagination is also the reason as to why we have varieties and degrees of things materializing. Ponder on the thought, if nobody imagined shoes to be in differing colors and designs. We might all be wearing black shoes with no shoelaces.

To the small child, lumps of clay she molded are slices of  cakes in her reality.

To the adults like us, we see literally lumps of clay.

Guess who has a more fulfilling day looking at that lump of clay?

The one with imagination.

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun”
― Pablo Picasso

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