Why Introversion Is Just A Name Tag

Creating an effective Student Council team dynamic

I attended a networking session for introverts once. And the majority of them there were happy and contented to lay claim to the fact that they are introverts. They wanted to embrace the notion that they are introverts. Yet, at the end of the day, all of them wished that they were as dynamic as extroverts at one point or another.

When I chatted with most of them, I discovered that the one issue they were probably trying to deal with, was not their introversion. I thought that it was their lack of conversational skills that proved to be their stumbling block. They were unable to sustain an interesting conversation.

And we wanna pin this lack of conversational skills to introversion?

It is in my personal opinion that we do not laud introversion as a hidden crutch, we can lean on when the circumstances need.

A : “Why are you not socializing?”

B : “Oh, I am an introvert.”

When instead it should be answered as,

“I  have no clue at all as to what to ask you…”

The majority of those that I’ve met over the years, and who lay claim to being introverts, are actually just ordinary people not wanting to hold conversations. It gets even yucky, when introverts try to “humblebrag” by responding to praises and the likes…

“Oh, it surprises me too that people like me, considering the fact that I am an introvert.”

Let’s not glorify introversion excessively. You and I know that all it takes, is just a bit of effort when it comes to interactions and communications.

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