2 thoughts on “Everyone Focuses On Public Speaking. Instead,Try Private Conversations.

  1. I really enjoyed this. My blog is that of my faith, which I use to encourage others through my writing. Public speaking does not come easy to me. However, sometimes people feel like the only way to get a message across is vocally. But, from a spiritual perspective, it’s really about the message, the thoughts and meat of what you are attempting to get across to another, that matters. A lot of people are skilled at talking; but what are they saying? This was helpful to me in what I am trying to accomplish, as well as confirmation of what God has been saying to me. If He gives me something to share and this is relevant to any topic, then He will also give me the tools that I need to vocalize that once the message is clear. Thanks for sharing. This helps in many aspects of life.

    1. Thank you for reaching out. It warms my heart to know that this piece of writing resonated with you. I totally relate and agree with you that the message is all there is to it. In whatever forms that the message is transmitted. It may be via public speaking, a blog post, a video or even a picture. I always shared with my coachees, that a true message will withstand the test of time. Like Martin Luther King’s speech. We may be long gone one day, but if our message had its significance, it will be remembered.

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