How To Tell A Story Like A Bad Ass

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I conducted an online workshop yesterday evening on the topic of story telling. Specifically, I was aligning my message for those wanting to be a speaker. How to incorporate story telling techniques into your speech crafting and delivery.

There are a lot of workshops, programs and masterclasses these days, that dwell on story telling. Most of these focus on the importance of stories in any message. Story telling is definitely not new, but has been renewed to serve a more compelling reason.

I touched on the new era of Data Storytelling and Visual Storytelling, as some of the areas, speakers like yourself should read into. An example I gave was that in the past, most businesses had separate departments that seemed disjointed. The Marketing Department and the Statistics Department. The Marketing team were responsible for crafting out stories and narratives, for salespeople to go out and bring profits. These profits will then be translated into figures and statistics by the Statistics team. On the flip side, the Statistics team will then provide the Marketing team with proofs and evidences to highlight which segments within a business needed more branding, marketing and exposure.

However, these days, most business have warmed up to the idea that both departments need to be mashed up. Thus the term Data Storytelling. In essence, can you tell a story from my data? Or can you generate data from my story?

So question is, how can you excel at being a bad ass storyteller?

Am going to share with you only one insight in this post. For you to ponder and apply in your next narration. Ready?

All right. The idea that I want to expound here is this aspect called,

Be Specific!

Yes, be specific. Be meticulously detailed when you narrate and share your story. The more details you are able to shed light into a character or the message of your story, the more engaged your audience will be. Why is this so?

There is a science to this, which I found perfectly illustrated here in this article.

There is a reason why we vividly recall stories of our yesteryears, like Rapunzel, Snow White and the poisoned apple, Beauty and the Beast, The 3 Little Pigs and such. Most of the characters or stories had a visual or specific connotations attached to them. It could have just been a wolf for the little girl. Yet, we remember the story as the cunning wolf who dressed as the Grandmother of Little Red Riding Hood. It could have been just a pig. Yet, masterful storytellers used 3 little pigs that were hounded by the big, bad wolf. And Snow White had an evil stepmother who was also a witch that had a magic mirror. Amazing!

In short, your audience and listeners are dying to play your stories in their own imaginative minds like a movie reel. The chances of engagement are higher when you are able to craft and deliver a story that deep dives into very specific details.

So the next time, you are trying to craft out a story into your speech, remember that paying attention to the details, is more important than the delivery itself.

Remember Harry Porter? He was not just a boy wizard. He was the boy wizard that had a permanent scar on bis forehead, etched on by a maniacal bald wizard.

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