Why Nochebo Effect Is Harmful For You?

We all know or have heard of the term, “The Placebo Effect”. In medicinal practice, the placebo effect is probably categorized as a pseudo science bereft of legitimacy and proof. Yet, for those who had willingly affected its usage into their practice, and saw its benefits, probably swears by it.

Placebo in Latin means, “I will please”. In essence, a placebo effect is a stimulus be it physical or non physical that is applied to a condition, with the desire of achieving outcomes. So for example, doctors used to give sugar syrup to patients, and yet saw medicinal effects taking place in their patients. Sometimes the results are on par or exceed that of a similar medicine that is available. Much of these were accounted to be on the assumed connection between a person’s mind and the information it received and interpreted. Most placebo based experiments are used in controlled environments, sometimes even as a neutral parameter between two other extreme testing conditions.

I have personally used the placebo effect on my countless experience with injuries as a soccer player. The results had been varied, but definitely significant. There were times when I was over reliant on a placebo effect, that the very absence of it rendered me helpless. A clear example was that of sports related sporting aids, such as magnetic bracelets and knee guards. The scientific evidence behind such aids are negligible. Yet, because of my firm belief that it healed and accelerated performance, I could not go through a sporting activity without wearing one. I had refused coming on for games, when there were times, I had forgotten to bring or wear them. The realization that such aids were merely placebo for me, was when I eventually “gave up” on its reliance and told myself that I will never get injured anymore. Lo and behold, I never did needed wearing them anymore ever since. And weirdly, I performed better.

While placebo effects are meant to create a positive effect, there is another term that has been widely disregarded. Yet, its effects are significant. And even more dangerous if not realized. The Nochebo Effect is the polar opposite of the Placebo Effect. Where placebo seeks to address a condition with positive outcomes, nochebo flips the outcomes on the negative side of things. Nochebo effect was a term coined by Walter Kennedy in 1961. Nochebo in Latin means, “I will harm”.

Like Placebo, it can affect and effect outcomes significantly depending on the level of beliefs between the transmitter and receiver. In this case it might be you telling yourself a nochebo information.

Think along the lines of a witch doctor putting pins and needles into a voodoo doll in front of you, and immediately you start feeling pain on those points. Scientifically, you cannot prove that there is a direct relation to both. Yet, because of the nochebo effect of harmful confirmation, you feel its effects physically.

This is in tandem with the kind of nochebo affirmations we receive rather frequently. Things such as,

“You are useless.”

“You are sick.”

“You are stupid.”

Repeated often enough, its nochebo effects will take place.

Our unconscious and conscious belief systems are crucial in dispensing either placebo or nochebo effects to our physical manifestations. It may sound like quack science, but it definitely is not. 

So the next time, you are dispensing or receiving treatments, be it for your mental or physical ailments, make sure that it receives, its proper effect.

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