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Like everyone else, Hijazi is a passionate and vociferous individual when it comes to self development and empowerment. He speaks dynamically on the subjects of leadership and influence, salesmanship and effective engagement.

He has an innate interest in coaching and mentoring individuals on creating powerful and engaging personalities to enhance their personal and professional lives. Hijazi believes in the philosophy that communication and influence are key factors of success. He aspires to share insights that will provide you with a framework to excel at both.

Audience has described Hijazi as a dynamic communicator with an influential presence. Often cited as persuasive and inspiring, he is also often mentioned as unorthodox in his ideas and presentations. As a financial professional with over ten years of industry experience, Hijazi is also prominently sought after for national and community conversations, via radio and television. Having conducted numerous seminars and workshops, organized by government and private agencies, Hijazi is deemed to be a voice of authority in the subject areas of personal finance and investments. As a prominent member of the Toastmasters movement, he has served in various leadership capacities over the past years. Recently, with a team of driven individuals, they established the first and only bilingual Malay English Toastmasters Club. This initiative was sparked by the desire to make his vision of equipping the community with a viable platform of improving communication, a reality.

Hijazi is also a serial speech contest winner on various levels, having won over twenty trophies over the course of his involvement. He worked with schools, for the last few years, teaching public speaking to students. In June 2014, Hijazi founded Success Guild, as a training platform, for him to conduct his signature self development programs. He hopes to build, link and empower a community of confident and competent mavericks via Success Guild.

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One thought on “Speaker’s Profile

  1. Hi Jaz,
    You are ahead of the curve!
    As mentioned, couple of us ‘old birds’ have come together during CB and planning some good stuff. We hope to get like minded pros like you on board. No obligation, just a chat, if keen, I ll arrange for you to attend upcoming Monday 8:30 Webex.Cheers, Tony

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