The Guided Speaker™


the guided speaker

*This program is customized for a Muslim audience/participation.

The Guided Speaker™

Effective communication is a process that combines both art and technique. The effective communicator in Islam is someone who is able to convey and spread his ideas, that is aligned with the message of Islam, with clarity and conviction to the individual or group.

Who is better in speech than one who calls (men) to Allah, works righteousness, and says, `I am of those who bow in Islam? (41:33)

Currently, a lot of Muslims are not having the awareness as to how far, effective communication can affect their social, career and spiritual life. The inability to convey ideas, concepts, feelings and messages with clarity and conviction has often led to misunderstanding and misgivings.

Truly, Allah will admit those who believe and work righteous deeds, to Gardens beneath which rivers flow. They shall be adorned therein with bracelets of gold and pearls; and their garments there will be of silk. For they have been guided (in this life) to the purest of speeches; they have been guided to the Path of Him Who is Worthy of (all) Praise.(22:23-24) 

Success Guild is pleased to present you a holistic and comprehensive program that looks into the specialized area of effective communication. Touching on a detailed look into the characteristics of impeccable and influential speakers, and the messages that they carried and conveyed.

Learn and analyse the techniques and practices of powerful speakers, that took the examples of the Prophets.

Learn their mannerisms, their way of crafting their message and the impactful impressions they make.

What makes The Guided Speaker™ unique?

•A hands on, experiential based learning module.
•An evaluational discussion style method of lecture.
•Encourages active listening and speaking opportunities.
•Comprehensive and detailed course notes covering niche modules.
•Personal and group presentations.
•Exploration of different modes of speech delivery

Who is this course for?

•Muslim educators who strive to be able to present and communicate effectively with dynamism and clarity.
•Muslim daee who will want to enhance their credibility to preach and educate with purpose and focus.
•Muslim parents who wish to inculcate good speaking habits in their children.
•Muslim leaders who envision themselves leading and influencing their charges with eloquence and effective communication skills.
•Muslim individuals who desire to be able to educate and share their knowledge in their niche areas with excellent mannerisms and techniques to spread a message.

What will you take home from this course?

•A binder full of relevant and comprehensive course notes.
•Experiential opportunities of actually speaking, rather than passive listening.
•Evaluations and sharing dynamics.
•Tremendous boost towards your confidence and influence.
•Actual knowledge and practical applications of a life skill that is aligned with Islam.
•Increases the capacity for analytical and objective discussion pertaining to topics / themes presented.

What course materials will be provided?

•Participants will be provided with a full set binder, complete with course notes.
•A Certificate of Completion.

Course Details

Genre : Self Development & Communication