Unleash The Speaker™




Success Guild believes in developing the capabilities of the community in effective communication and presentation. Every once in a while, no matter what profession or vocation we are in, we are tasked, or worse, forced to take the centre stage and talk to an audience – be it a small informal audience or a huge crowd laden auditorium. Personal confidence and communication competence are crucial elements in ensuring that one becomes influential and inspiring, when their message is being delivered.

We believe the key to a successful person lies with their ability to communicate effectively in any situations.

Modules Covered

 Module 1: The Motive

Why Do I Need To Learn How to Speak Effectively, Powerfully & Persuasively?

Module 2: The Messenger

Learning How to Introduce Myself

Module 3: The Message

Learning How to Prepare, Organize and Present Your Content

Module 4: The Method

Learning How to Deliver Your Speech Confidently