The Power Maven™


The purpose of The Power Maven™ course is to introduce participants to the faculties available in establishing influence, presence and personal empowerment.

This course is based on the premise that our thoughts, intents and empowering beliefs, positive and negative, create the conditions of our life. For effective and lasting changes in our life to  happen we need to change these components in totality.

But for most of us, our beliefs are  deep rooted in our subconscious and the only way we can gather an understanding about them is when they manifest in our life. Most of the times, the non awareness of how these beliefs and intents restrict us from living an empowering life.

This course will help you gain deeper insights into your current beliefs and transform/eliminate those that are not serving you, while at the same time helping you craft new beliefs and intents based on how empowering you wish your life to be. The result: a consciously intended created life that represents your deepest aspirations and fondest dreams.

* This course is readily customized for keynote presentations, workshops and individual coaching programs.