5 Easy Steps Towards A More Confident You In 30 Days


Your parents will never tell you this. Your teachers will never share this. Your friend will deny this. All of them will never ever say this. But I will.

Confidence is a contact sport.

You will never grow in confidence if you sit on your couch, scrolling through those Instagram and Tinder accounts. You will not build your charisma bank, just by listening to Anthony Robbin’s motivational audios. You are most likely not gonna make heads turn by keeping your mouth shut.

How do I know this? Cause I’ve been in that gutter of not being cool or confident before. And if you are pretty much in that gutter  now, am sure you can relate and feel the anguish of missing out on fun, enthralling and seductive social exchanges. You probably have those moments of going,”Damn, I should have just smiled back…”

Okay, I feel you. So lemme give you a quick run on how you can get up to speed on that confidence. In 30 days? You bet. Cause I did it.

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Why You Should Do Your Own Push Ups

I Do My Own Push Ups Baby!
I Do My Own Push Ups Baby!

No one can do your push – ups for you

I have this quote pasted right at the left top corner of my work desk. Mystery surrounds the identity of the person who pasted it there. (My guess will have to be one of those business development managers , who will always be trying to motivate us , the sales reps)

There is wisdom in this quote though.

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