The 3 Attributes You Should Love About Authentic People


Remember the guy or girl who seemed to say yes to everything? Yups, neither do I. These figures are probably forgettable in your life, for the fact that nothing interesting or engaging will be revolving around their own lives. They are the perennial followers. Always awaiting for the opportunity to suck up to somebody influential, or to just be part of  the pack.

Are you like that? If you are, stop being one. If you are not, stop someone from being one.

It’s hard to find authentic people these days. So what does an authentic person looks or acts like?

Speaks Their Mind

You want honest people on your team. The more brutally honest they are, the better. Keep a look out for people who genuinely care about you and your affairs, and will not shy away from telling you exactly what you need to know. Not what you want to hear. Authentic individuals speak their mind, in a way that is not overwhelmingly critical. They will share their thoughts, constructively, without the need to whitewash details. Authentic people express. They are not that bothered about wanting to impress.

Credibility Via Experience

The thing that you are trying to do, is what authentic people should have done. Why are authentic people important? Because they are the action takers. The walkers. Not the talkers. If they speak their mind, it is only because the know more than half the stuffs about what they are saying. Authentic people are people who have climbed that mountain, fell flat on their faces, stood up and climbed again. You want to get ahead fast in life? Leverage on authentic people. They are credible.

Opinions Of A Sheep Do Not Bother The Wolf

People crave for validations and feedback. That is why you have the “Like” button on Facebook. But here’s the problem. You tend to be trying too hard to be liked. Such that you will probably try to stay on the safe zone of things, most of the time. You will not want to criticize or give an opinion that is contrarian to the crowd. Cause you fear the opinions of the ‘sheep-les” will be less favorable for you. Fortunately, authentic people cannot be bothered with opinions of people that do not matter or add value to his/her cause. They are not contrarians without reasons. They have too much self belief and conviction in their own opinions. It gives authentic people the room to be emotionally detached to perspectives. Twenty sheep will never intimidate one hungry wolf.




Who Are You Without What You Are?

Who Are You

When The Dark Knight mentioned, “…It’s not who I am underneath… but what I *do*… that defines me…” , you know that you had just stumbled upon a quote that will be used philosophically by many.

In many ways, Batman is right. We are always judged, ostracized, punished , rewarded, acclaimed and lauded not by the personality or character that we bring to the table. In most cases, it is the very actions we do, that will ultimately be the template for definition. The saint who molested his followers, will not be vindicated for his righteous spiritual cores, but rather for that acts of atrocities. That has and might be the decorum for how society will place judgement on individuals. Your acts define you. Not the creed or values you hold.

Which brings me to that thought.

Who are you if you take out that very element that defines you?

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Why You Need To Constantly Validate Yourself Instead

Seek To Validate Yourself

Have you ever been in a relationship where you found yourself to be at your productive best? Where your creative juices just seemed to  flow even though you’ve been known to have that frequent bouts of “writer’s block”? And what about those moments when you found yourself waking up early in the morning, feeling all pumped up, because you felt that no challenge was ever big enough? Of course, you also suddenly discovered that you actually had a Life Plan all this while.

The feeling’s good huh?

But then, you realize over time, that the effects of the “happy pill” you’ve been popping into your inner drive, seemed to wearing off. You got a bit tired of always wanting to impress. You hated the routine. Your level of expectations for surprises meandered off its grids. You just kinda lost the mojo. And somehow, all this niggling factors ate into your wholesome life. and before you knew it, you are already deciding that the relationship was never a great one to begin with.

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