How To Get Rid Of The Inadequacy Syndrome?

How To Get Rid Of The Inadequacy Syndrome_

Have you ever been in a situation where the girl/boy of your dreams, the object of your affections or the purpose to your life, tells you that you are not the only one in his/her list of options. That you are perhaps in direct competition with a few other blokes/lasses in the quest for attention.

Didn’t you feel sucky about it?

Did it make you feel inadequate all of a sudden? And you wondered if what you ever did or plan to do will ever be enough.

You are not alone. I’ve been down that path. Many times.

But here’s the thing. You should never feel inadequate. And here is me telling you why, and how you can rid yourself of that nagging thought.

If People Place You As An Option, That Means You Are Not A Priority. Walk Away.

I know. This is not what you wanna hear. You will still wanna affirm the idea to me that there is still hope for you. That there is a silver lining in knowing that you are literally just another chat conversation in his/her Whatsapp screen. That somehow, one day, your persistence in just sticking around will pay dividends.

The truth is buddy, you are just wasting every limited time and resources you have on someone who probably does not deserve it. Get real.

Why will anybody wanna treat your unique and exclusive existence as just another number on the contact list? Aren’t you worth more than that?

Have the decency and guts  to walk away.  You will not regret it, I assure you.

Pursue A Wilder, Higher & Greater Purpose.

We are the sum of what we think about and do constantly. So the quickest way to get over the thought of inadequacy is to snap out of it and pursue something else. Or better still, someone else. Only because you know you can and you should.

Think about how wild and high you will feel, to know that you can be the sole receiver of attention. And you can only feel this way, if you allow yourself the privilege to give and receive attention.

Fill up your cranium with more purposeful activities and ideas. You will appreciate you.

Stroke The C Spot.

Repeat after me…

“I Am Contented!”

“I Am Complete!”

“I Am Comforted!”

Every single day. Every morning. Every night.

And before you know it, people will be flocking to you for attention.

3 Easy Ways To Cope With Your Busy Lifestyle

The busy man tries to find time.Time

You and I live very hectic lifestyles. We wake up too early in the morning, to prepare our kids and ourselves for school and work. Sometimes we forget to take that all important breakfast. We rush out of elevators , to dash across the pedestrian crossing to catch the bus that is filled to the brim. We walk hastily to  the train station, to stand in a line, just to board a train that is also filled with commuter. We reach our stop, tussle our way out just to walk among a sea of people, who like many, just want to reach office in time to clock in our punch cards.

Did we do all that, just to punch a card?

Facts can be stranger than fiction, and both you and I know that. The fact is, our lives are pretty much dictated by the need to meet something, that is usually not set by us. So how do you find time to relax?

1. Leave That Thing Behind

There have been times when I am bogged down by a huge pile of paperwork, and I keep telling myself that I will only reward myself with a refreshing break, only after I am completed. Wrong move. Cause I never will finish my paperwork, and as a result, I will definitely not find the time to relax. Nowadays, I just stand up and leave my desk as it is, and take the deserving break I need. Leave that “thing” alone on your desk. Be it a paperwork or an email to reply. It will not grow roots, trust me. Bottom line is, just don’t do it.

2. Switch That Mobile Applications Off

Your mobile phones are not smart. You are. Yet, most of the times, we allow that Whatsapp conversations to occupy and clutter our minds. We have to compartmentalize Instagram pictures, Tinder profiles, Facebook statuses, Twitter tweets and Whatsapp gossips.  And we whine loudly when we say that our minds are tired. Take a break, switch your mobile phones and tablets off and dump them in your bags. For an hour at least. No one will die.

3. Close Your Eyes & Silent Your Thoughts

The loudest chatter is always the one that happens in between your ears. You talk too much to yourself some times. If you think that closing eyes, should only happen when you try to sleep, then you are wrong. I have found that closing my eyes intentionally for a good few minutes, can sometimes do wonders. Keeping your mind’s idle chatter will need some work, but with enough practice, you will find it to be a fruitful exercise. Work with your breathing. I usually practice a very deep shallow breathing just to calm and relax myself down.

These three simple actions will  definitely slow down the pace for you, on a hectic day. It is easy, yet it is not that simple to practice as a habit. You need a conscientious awareness, to cultivate the practices into a habit.

It is far more rewarding than rushing through your lives, just to punch a card. 🙂