3 Essential Creeds For Survival When You Are Attacked By The Negative Zombies

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Keeping The Negative Zombies Out Photo Courtesy of http://thenypost.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/zombies-feature.jpg

The year  has just started. You had pinned your goals, nicely on your wall. You had prepared your schedules. You had also signed up for a gym membership. In short, you are prepared to make this year, awesome.

But a message came on your Whatsapp,

“Are you sure that gym membership will be fully utilized?“said a pal.

Another pal, gave a grinning emoticon on your Facebook status, when you mentioned that you are planning your week.

Another friend just laughed out loud when you said you had your goals written down.

Your awesome year just got deflated.

Goalless Zombies Are Everywhere

Ever heard about good energy being infectious? Well, so is bad and negative energy. And goalless zombies, will want to sink their teeth in you with those bad parasitic viruses. While you may want to  look at your world from the perspectives of being in Eden, be aware that energy sapping zombies are aplenty. Just like a bad week of The Walking Dead, these zombies sometimes come in the form of your closest friends, loved ones or perhaps your social weekend football mates. Of course, being the good guy or gal that you are, you probably do not have that much desire in you to just chop off their heads. You may run, but yeah, they’ll still try to lumber up to you.

Which begs the question. “What can I do then?”

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Why You Need To Constantly Validate Yourself Instead

Seek To Validate Yourself

Have you ever been in a relationship where you found yourself to be at your productive best? Where your creative juices just seemed to  flow even though you’ve been known to have that frequent bouts of “writer’s block”? And what about those moments when you found yourself waking up early in the morning, feeling all pumped up, because you felt that no challenge was ever big enough? Of course, you also suddenly discovered that you actually had a Life Plan all this while.

The feeling’s good huh?

But then, you realize over time, that the effects of the “happy pill” you’ve been popping into your inner drive, seemed to wearing off. You got a bit tired of always wanting to impress. You hated the routine. Your level of expectations for surprises meandered off its grids. You just kinda lost the mojo. And somehow, all this niggling factors ate into your wholesome life. and before you knew it, you are already deciding that the relationship was never a great one to begin with.

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