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Who Are You Without What You Are?

Who Are You

When The Dark Knight mentioned, “…It’s not who I am underneath… but what I *do*… that defines me…” , you know that you had just stumbled upon a quote that will be used philosophically by many.

In many ways, Batman is right. We are always judged, ostracized, punished , rewarded, acclaimed and lauded not by the personality or character that we bring to the table. In most cases, it is the very actions we do, that will ultimately be the template for definition. The saint who molested his followers, will not be vindicated for his righteous spiritual cores, but rather for that acts of atrocities. That has and might be the decorum for how society will place judgement on individuals. Your acts define you. Not the creed or values you hold.

Which brings me to that thought.

Who are you if you take out that very element that defines you?

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